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Hillary Clinton strives to protect her husband from Egyptian torture file release

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Obama’s reaxction to Egypt crisis, once again, reveals his CIA training and belief system.

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No “global awakening” if Soros and Gates can do anything about it.

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Corporate media distortions put mass media on the side of dictators — and they should meet the same fate — overthrow.

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FBI and NSA gearing up for massive personal data grab with backing of House Republicans.

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Prof. Richard Falk ravaged by the Zionist Lobby and the Obama administration, but what’s the difference?

• January 28, 2011 • 1 Comment

Wikileaks cable and Palestinian Papers follow a pattern of the release of dubious documents to advance the neocon cause.

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Was Atta an agent for the Israelis? Reliable sources believe he was

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Atta and his teams controlled by Mossad teams trained in Negev.

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Russell Means of the Republic of Lakota on Palestine

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